Jeremy Fabiano, Author

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About The Author

Tempest Chronicles Omnibus 2 Book Cover

Information Security Analyst by day, father and creator by night.

Jeremy Fabiano is an emerging author of several exciting genres, which include: LitRPG, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Medieval Post Apocalyptic, and Non-Fiction.

Join him as he descends into the depths of his imagination, bringing you the exciting adventures he discovers along the way.

Jeremy Fabiano read his first fantasy book at fourteen years old. An old ratty copy of “The Hobbit.” Tolkien forever dominated his imagination as he fell prey to every RPG game out there.

At sixteen, a friend from school introduced him to his first multiplayer RPG: A M.U.D. or multi-user dungeon. This ancient construct required the player to use a terminal program to connect to a remote text-based system. No pictures. No animations. It paved the way to being enthralled by World of Warcraft, where he saved the world countless times over the span of half of a decade.

In mid-2018, he reached out to several authors seeking advice. Shayne Silvers was among the first to respond. He encouraged and inspired Jeremy to work harder than he ever had before. Shortly after, M. D. Massey also gave some much-needed advice, eliciting even more changes in the aspiring author.

By the end of 2018, he had teamed up with T.M. Edwards and co-authored “Roger” - a book in Edwards’ “Tales Of Courage From Beyond The Apocalypse” series. This would be the first of many books published by Jeremy Fabiano.

Keep reading. Keep learning.

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