This book is a standalone short read which is part of the collection "Tales of Courage From Beyond the Apocalypse".

These stories can be read in any order, and each features a different main character while still being connected to all the others.

That zombie shooter game addiction finally came in handy.

Roger is the typical pasty, skinny video game nerd. When the zombie apocalypse breaks out and Boston is bombed to stop the spread of the virus, he's is thrown into the ultimate fight for survival.

Three weeks later, Roger considers himself lucky to still be alive. He has a fortified base and hopes that he'll soon find more survivors. But winter is fast approaching, and if he doesn't find a more long-term solution for food and shelter, it'll be a toss-up between whether the zombies or hunger and exposure get to him first.

When a zombie battle leaves Roger with a bite wound, his survival becomes even more precarious. Even the possibility of other survivors is small consolation when the fever takes hold.

How can he survive if the virus already courses through his veins?

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